Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the day impacts me the most during holy week.

Holy Saturday breaks my heart.

To even the most ardent, the most believing followers, Saturday had to look like the end of their world.  The man, the God-man they had listened to, abandoned all to take up their collective crosses and follow, was gone.  The stone stood firmly in place.  No sounds came from within the tomb.  Jesus was dead.

The disciples had anticipated Jesus would be an "earthly" king.  That he would vanquish the ruling Romans and lead the Jewish people in a long-awaited victory over their enemies.  Earthly kings aren't supposed to die.  They certainly aren't supposed to go without putting up an epic fight and killing thousands of shoulders with the power contained merely in his finger.  The meek, suffering Son of God they watched hang from the cross now truly seemed gone...without any intent to return.

Holy Saturday, to me at least, represents the darkest days in life.  Everything we've put our hope in has been ripped out from under us.  People we believed in have disappointed us.  Often it seems that God has broken his promise to give us life and give it to us abundantly.  The depressive pall that hangs over the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday permeates to this day.  We wander through life, feeling betrayed and leaderless.  What we believed in is gone.

We go to bed...expecting another day of grief ahead...

Fortunately, God wasn't/and still isn't through writing this story...

So, today, I'm going to use Holy Saturday as a day to come before God and be honest in my emotions, in my sorrows.  He knows them anyway, so hiding them from Him is pointless.  I'll lay my concerns at the foot of an empty cross, pouring out my heart and grief for the sins I've committed that made Calgary necessary in the first place.

But luckily, I've read the next page.  I know it doesn't end here.

And, tomorrow morning, my sorrows and sins will be cleansed by the blood of the cross.  And I'll celebrate a savior who loved me enough to endure a hell he, in his perfection, never deserved--but one he took in my place.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sneak Peek into a New Project

Today's post is brought to you by unarguably the most talented member of the Goff house.

My five-year-old daughter Brie.

Like Mommy, she wants to be a writer.  Unlike me, she's not going to write romance...because, in her words, "Romances are boring and ridiculous."

So, she'll be writing unicorn epic novels.

Here's Brie's current WIP (which will be published under the pen-name Brie Celt--because my maiden name of Kellett is really tricky for a five-year-old to sound out ;o)

Brie's pushing for me to send this off to my agent to see if he'll considering repping it.  Honestly, I'm afraid she'd outpace me in sales by the end of the year.  Who can resist a delightful unicorn story?

Should I be offended that she wants to distance herself from me and my "boring...ridiculous" romances by taking on a pseudonym?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome to 2013...almost three months later

Hope everyone is having a fantastic year thus far.  That you've conquered every resolution you made three-months ago.  Perhaps that you've even begun a new P90X lifestyle.  That when you step outside, it rains money one you (bills, of course.  I think coins would probably cause more concussions than they would pay for).

I've been remiss in chatting with you all.  (Well, isn't THAT a surprise? ;o)

Suddenly, I find myself with a bit more free time, so I'm making my fabulous readers one of my number one priorities--and not in the way that I make laundry a "No. 1 priority," which is that I keep promising to do it and then...okay, nevermind.

I'm thinking that I'm going to (possibly this evening if I work up the motivation) get you guys to pick out the next hero and heroine I'll be working on.  I'll post various pics (feel free to email or post comments of your suggestions), and we'll open the floor for discussion.  It's really helping me out as I haven't quite been able to pin down exactly how these two look.  So, for helping, I'll do something fun on here for everyone...giveaways, guest posts, etc.

Until then, I'm curious to hear what you guys want to hear.  More of my delightful grumbling about the writing process ;o)?  More of my tips and hard-earned experience (which may or may not be at your own risk...)  Or just an assortment of hysterical happenings from my daily life? (Okay, yeah, I don't blame you guys for not wanting that one).  Just let me know either in comments or email.