Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why waiting stinks

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All of us are WAITING for something.

If you're here and you read regularly, I'm assuming writing is important and maybe you're waiting for your next book to hit the shelves, waiting to get a phone call from your editor, waiting to finish revisions, waiting...

But others are waiting for different things...

Waiting to find a job.

Waiting to find a mate.

Waiting for test results.

Waiting for a miracle.

I'm impatient. I think of something...I need something...I want something...and I want it NOW. It's by far one of the most important areas I still need to completely surrender to God. Because I DO surrender (after all, who wants to be miserable and impatient all the time?) but the next time something happens, I'm taking it right back from Him.

"Look, God...I know I said I was going to let you handle this timing thing...but...I've got this really brilliant idea, so why don't I just see what I can do with it..."

My thoughts, while maybe not as well-defined, usually look like the above. And then, when Mandy's Way hasn't worked like I thought it should...I'm stuck waiting some more.

Waiting stinks. But it's necessary. And I'm waiting for some pretty important stuff right now...and the temptation is always to try and see if I can do it (not better) but maybe quicker than God has planned. It's not arrogance. It's being imperfect.

I don't know exactly what you're waiting on today. Like me, maybe you're frustrated and growing weary and impatient. Or maybe, you're one up on me and are handling the interim with grace and dignity (teach me how!).

Whatever it is you're waiting for, I'm praying it comes for you. And I'm praying that the difference between "our" time and "God's" time isn't that long!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good News!

This time, I actually have a good reason for my complete lack of presence/updating on this blog.

Love Inspired Historical has contracted my next book.

So of course, there have been revisions, celebrating, some more revisions, and jubilation.

This time around, I don't really think my husband understood why I was still as excited/disbelieving as the first time (although, unlike the first time I didn't hyperventilate or have a near nervous breakdown...progress, I like to think). But the publishing industry is such a tight market, and there are so many fantastic writers out there, that one book contract doesn't guarantee a second. So, when in my earlier post I said I didn't think anything would be quite as exciting as that very first phone call, I'm thrilled to say I was wrong.

I don't have a lot of official details yet. But I can tell you the next book looks like it will be coming out early next year.

As soon as I have the okay to let you guys know specifics, be assured I'll be posting it up here.

So for those of you who have wanted Marcus to find his own Happily Ever After...

This is it!!!