About Me

I'm a wife to a wonderful husband who only sometimes gets on my nerves.

I'm a mother to a three-year-old girl who is both beautiful and funny...obviously a miniature of me.  (Alright, because wit and sarcasm frequently don't read well, I'll let everyone know that was just a joke).

I'm an inspirational romance novelist.  (A fancy way of saying I write Christian romances).  And yes, I'm aware of the bad reputation they have.  That reputation might have been warranted back in the day, but the market now is rife with talented authors.  I am more blessed than I could ever say that God has chosen me for this work. 

My first book The Blackmailed Bride comes out February 8th, 2011.  So for anyone who needs to mark their calendars, I'll pause for a moment so you can go do that...

Back yet?

Okay.  (Again, another joke.  I would put LOL after each lame joke I make but that would get old.  And annoying-looking).

Anyway, I'll probably change this page later on when I have more time.  And creativity.  And humor.

Yeah, we'll all wait for that.