Friday, September 17, 2010

Different day, same story

Hey all!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the giveaway thus far. I'm getting really excited about this!

Fall is officially in the air. The ninety degree temps today notwithstanding, it's been rather crisp. There's a special feel in the air when fall comes. I can't describe it, but I think my fellow fall lovers know what I'm talking about. And I have it on good authority (probably because I've called about twenty times to check) that THE ultimate hallmark fall has arrived is on its way.

That's right...pumpkin muffins from Einstein's Bagels.

Other than my obsession with all things autumn, and ticking down the days until its arrival, it's been work as usual here. Pulling out my hair trying to plug in holes, stressing over my impending deadline, and wondering why God couldn't have called me to be an accountant instead (probably because I STINK at numbers...really, it's pathetic).

But truly, I love this job. And I thank God everyday He's given me the ability to do what I love.

That's all here. Hope everyone has a fantastic preifall weekend!

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