Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Update

So, a few of you know (because I've called and gushed/ranted/talked incessantly about) where I am in this stage of the writing process.

For those that don't but read this blog anyway (so like the two of you), I'll give a brief rundown.

  • I've completed 2 manuscripts
  • I've sent proposals for both manuscripts to a publishing house (the same house for both books)
  • I received requests for the full manuscripts on both books
  • I sent the manuscripts in (after much hair-pulling, wailing, and gnashing of teeth)
  • After waiting. More waiting. And then a bit more waiting, I received a four page letter, detailing all the revisions that needed to be made (to both manuscripts) before they were published.

That's what I'm working on now. I don't have a hard deadline, but the sooner the better. I'm wrapping up the changes to book one, but then I have book two left to do. Ugh.

But anyway, just wanted to bring you guys up to speed, perhaps to explain why I've been out of touch lately (I've been glued to my laptop).

So everyone, keep your fingers crossed in hopes I don't go crazy before this process is done. It's frightening and stressful, but in spite of the headaches, the tears, and frustration, I'm having a blast!

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