Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where hast thou been?


Holidays are always a time of craziness for me and the fam. Simply because there are so many of us to try and coordinate schedules around.

Much like last year, I battled with the Turkey.

And I like to think I won. Again. (If my family's to be believed, or perhaps they were just scared I would chuck a turkey leg at them if they didn't pour on the compliments). So, current score:

Mandy 2...Turkey 0.

Then, of course, came the half-crazed shopping before the sun was up on Friday. My sister, who spent the night so we could hit the road early, and I were up at 2:35 am and out the door ten minutes later. We made it back home about 11, after meeting our dear friends for some shopping and breakfast.

Then...decorating time! I kept assuring my daughter that the house was going to be a Christmas Wonderland by the time we were done. She's not totally convinced. And we're out of decorations.

Now it's back to writing.

I've got a plan for December. Leading us up to Christmas, I'm thinking about my "gifts" to y'all being the 25 tips to getting published. (Because I LOVE to pretend to be an authority on all things ;o) But seriously, it'll be some helpful, some humorous, and some random insights into making this crazy, unbelievable dream come true.

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