Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome to 2013...almost three months later

Hope everyone is having a fantastic year thus far.  That you've conquered every resolution you made three-months ago.  Perhaps that you've even begun a new P90X lifestyle.  That when you step outside, it rains money one you (bills, of course.  I think coins would probably cause more concussions than they would pay for).

I've been remiss in chatting with you all.  (Well, isn't THAT a surprise? ;o)

Suddenly, I find myself with a bit more free time, so I'm making my fabulous readers one of my number one priorities--and not in the way that I make laundry a "No. 1 priority," which is that I keep promising to do it and then...okay, nevermind.

I'm thinking that I'm going to (possibly this evening if I work up the motivation) get you guys to pick out the next hero and heroine I'll be working on.  I'll post various pics (feel free to email or post comments of your suggestions), and we'll open the floor for discussion.  It's really helping me out as I haven't quite been able to pin down exactly how these two look.  So, for helping, I'll do something fun on here for everyone...giveaways, guest posts, etc.

Until then, I'm curious to hear what you guys want to hear.  More of my delightful grumbling about the writing process ;o)?  More of my tips and hard-earned experience (which may or may not be at your own risk...)  Or just an assortment of hysterical happenings from my daily life? (Okay, yeah, I don't blame you guys for not wanting that one).  Just let me know either in comments or email.


ShannonStrader said...

Hey Mandy! It's so good to hear from you again. Well as you know my sister and I are always up for talking and chatting about your books! It takes little to excite us! I am so excited to be hearing about your new book can't wait for all the details to fall into place. I think you posted a question a few months ago on your facebook about heroes... and I sent you a picture... Anyway again I can't wait for more!! :)

ShannonStrader said...
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Mandy said...

Hey girl! I miss you and your sister. So you better schedule me some twitter chat time soon! And I'll be posting that handsome pic from Facebook you uploaded as your contribution. ;-)

Oh, and I'll be posting some teaser quotes soon too. Watch out for an email from me some time tomorrow. I'm wondering if the two of you might conference call with me. Just think about it ;-)

ShannonStrader said...

We will definitely schedule some twitter time and I can't wait for the email, we'll be waiting with eager anticipation as, and we would love to conference call with you too! Just let us know when :)