Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes you need to take a break...

And just spend time with your family.

Because I was feeling moderately better this evening, Daniel, Brie, and I went out so Brie could get some pumpkins.

She was VERY excited.

She was a pumpkin-picking maniac. Daniel and I had to keep a really close eye on her because she wanted to snatch up every single one she saw. And obviously, there were quite a lot.

Some were MUCH too big for her to pick up by herself. That, however, did not stop my determined daughter from trying.

She insisted on pulling the red wagon around by herself.

We all posed for pictures. (I won't put the one of all of us together, because Daniel doesn't like the face he's making...)

I'm home now, tired, and needing to get back to work. But I'm SO glad we went. As you can tell from the last picture, Brie was too...

Happy beginning of the weekend to you all!

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Megg said...

Aww! She is soooo adorable!