Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Umm, I'm a technological idiot

My sister just called to ask me why she couldn't leave a comment on my blog.

I explained in great detail how to click on the "comment" link, type in the little box, and press "submit." (All of this was said without even the barest hint of snarkiness. Because I love my sister and would never act superior ;o)

So apparently, I never enabled comments for this blog.

I didn't even realize that was something I had to take the effort to actually do. I thought Blogger was supposed to handle stuff like that! (Now I'm trying to blame someone else for my stupidity).

Which I guess explains why there was almost so much silence...deafening, deafening silence. I can now console myself by believing that I would have had THOUSANDS of comments telling me how wonderful I am were it not for the technological glitch.


The problem has been resolved. Sorry for the hassle. But anyone looking to leave a comment probably can repeat the above steps and be successful now.

No promises though. Because apparently this kind of thing is tricky.

(For those who might have needed to comment on the giveaway because they had problems or questions, feel free to link up your comments or email me:

1 comment:

Megg said...

I knew it wasn't me. And even with the slightest chance it was, please believe I exhausted every option before calling you and sounding like an idiot. But it's very hard to leave a comment when there's no comment box to type in.

So thanks for finally fixing that!